About Us

Dykeland USA was launched in January 2020. Offering size inclusive apparel, ranging from cut & sew separates to graphic tees & accessories. Dykeland’s mission is  to encourage  queer visibility through fashion expression.
We're not just creating your everyday clothes, but giving dykes a way to show up and champion queer visibility, Don’t waste your energy, keep it big, keep it dykey. Check us out on Instagram (@dykelandusa) and show us your big dyke energy.

Founder & Owner

Creative Director and Designer, Kristina Keenan is obsessed with good design and empowering messaging. Trained in Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Silk Screening and Tailoring, Keenan attended F.I.T. receiving a BFA in Fine Arts. Working with both established brands such as Nike, Converse and Levi’s and start-ups such as The Phluid Project they've now turned their attention to creating small scale apparel that blends tailoring and design with LGBTQ+ activism.
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